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Congratulations to Mr. Jone for his achievement in year 2020

Congratulations to JB branch very first COT Qualifier and Great Supreme Producer Club Platinum qualifier, GM Jone Cheong.

Testimonials from him:

2020 is a different year, especially in life insurance business! We have been anxious in the past 12 months. We have faced many challenges, a bad environment, and many difficulties. However, after our struggle, we have seen many SG colleagues have achieved MDRT. We have achieved unprecedented results. This proves that the external environment cannot stop the SG fighters from sprinting forward. The SG3 goal must be reached。

I had been engaged in Life Insurance for 26 years, and it took me 6 years to complete the Million D and I will be able to achieve the first MDRT, and it took 14 years for the MDRT to achieve the COT for the first time. It took me 25 years to achieve this COT. It really made me wait for a long time!

My story proves that as long as an ordinary person continues to work hard, we will still make improvement. I never thought about completing COT in the past, but at the beginning of this year, my sales increase compare with previous years. I completed the MDRT in April and became the third MDRT fighter in SG in 2020. However, in the middle of the year, my sales performance had decrease due to the impact of the epidemic. Finally, in September, my sales performance has reached more than 7 millions, and finally two MDRTs have been completed.

There are still 3 months to complete another MDRT, I am still a little nervous. I started to follow the trend and close big policy. I met the client for dinner and tea break to talk about inheritance, family trust, savings plan everyday but my sales still did not improve. Until November, Great Eastern Insurance Company began to launch 1÷2 million medical cards. At this time, I felt that the time had come and the opportunity had arisen. I successfully sold 19 policies in November, and the total of 52 new business were completed on 26 December 2020. Finally, my COT was completed 5 days before 2021.

I felt grateful to all members of Super Group, Great Eastern Bhd, Jone Mowic and my customers, families and fellow friends.